Steps to Convert Outlook to Lotus Notes

Step 1:-

Open Outlook to Notes

Go to "Start" menu » "Programs" » select "Outlook to Notes". The software will display the following screen:

Check for prerequisite

On this screen, users can see a list of components required for the conversion along with their status on the conversion machine. Please make sure that you start this conversion once all the pre-requisites are marked with a green check. After that, click on "OK" button.

STEP 2:-

Click on the Export button.

To start the conversion process, click on "Export" button from the tool menu.

Click on Next

STEP 3:-

Hit the Browse button.

Click on the "Browse" button to add PST file on the software for conversion.

Click on browse button

STEP 4:-

Select the PST file.

When you have selected the PST file, click on "Open" button and add this PST file into software.

STEP 5:-

Click On the Next button.

Now click on the "Next" button to proceed with the conversion process.

Click on next button

STEP 6:-

Select Options for the Conversion.

Choose Categories as per requirement like; Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Journals to convert Outlook PST data to Lotus Notes.


STEP 7:-

Effective Filter Options.

Select Email filters: The software provides effective emails filter options:

  • Received On Interval: - Select the "From" & "To" date intervals to convert Outlook emails to Lotus Notes between these dates.
  • Exclude Deleted Items: - Select this option, to exclude Deleted Items during this Outlook to Notes conversion.

emails filter


Select Calendar filter Option.

Received On Interval: - By using this option, users select "From" and "To" date interval to convert calendars entries of the specified date range.

calendar filter

STEP 9:-

Choose Task Filter Option.

By the using Task Filter, users can easily convert tasks that are received between the specified date range.

task filter

STEP 10:-

Select the Location to Save.

Click on "Browse" button to select the location to save converted data file.

browse destination location

STEP 11:-

Click on the Export button.

Click on "Export" button to start the PST to NSF conversion.

Click on Export button

STEP 12:-

Check the Status Report

After clicking on "Export", button the process will start. When process is complete, you will get a status report and this report you will let you see the complete status report.

Status Report

STEP 13:-

Close the Software.

Click on "OK" button and close the process. After that, access the NSF file generated.

Conversion process is completed